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Oct 9, 2012 5:30pm EDT
;33 orioles magic... moves to the bronx. bronx. the o's evened the divisional periessagainst the yankees. now baltimore is in new york for game three. three. morgan adsit is at yankee stadium where the ooioles arrived today. p,3 the yankees and orioles have a pass that's very interwined. this week fate is playing out once aggin.... in baltimore bronx. the bronx. with the series all tied up -- meeinda roeder is taking a look back at the countless connections between these two r. rivals. (melinda intro) 11:47721 "baltimoreens have alwaas grappled with the notion... or if he was a new york yankke."babe ruth isn't the only ironic icon... in this llng-time rivalry.o's manager buck showalter used to &pwear pinstripes too.but these going wayybaak into the past. beginninn... more than a century ago.... when half oo the orioles eam was movee to new yook and later became the ruth was not only born here... put his great home run record was tied here.....y roger maris who hit number 59 against theeoriooes in baltimore..nd ho could forget aalittle boy in the outfield the dreams of o's fans
Oct 10, 2012 5:30pm EDT
states. thh rioles getting ready to battle the yankees oniiht. tonight. morgan adsit is live outside yankee stadium oo tte upcoming battll in the bronx. pot rollcue: bigger careee platform." 3 the city is rallying behind the oraage and black.ppal gessler was at a pep rally morning... where fans ot in the spirit for tonight's big ga. game. councilman brandon scott:"we're gonna go up to new york tonight. we're gonna llng time since downtown een a workers could take a wednesday morning off...lestine ailey: chance in a long ttme. and, i & emember last time we were sitting here, and i watched every bit of those playoff again--this is unchartered - territooy for most.kenny williams: "it's back to the oriole magic."cindy moll: "we wanna root on tte o's and let 'em feel the love.."the orioles have given the city a reason to root, root, roottfor thh road team.brian redding: "they're playing theenew yorkk yankees, of course, and you &pknow we have no good ffelings for them. they like to whoop on us liie we like toowhoop on yynkees and they suck."ing the it'' nee york, we don't like it!"t
Oct 8, 2012 5:30pm EDT
... the yankees had home field advantage... and new york won the series four games to one.will history reppat itsslf. o's fans hope not.. addit their team has its work cut out for them. <"i as ere in september... that's what counts."> of courre, some new york fans are quick to point out another imilarity - -- o'ssgeneral maaaaer used to manage the yankees.and really - the connections between these teams go way back -- rrmember babe ruth???so let's just hope that year --- it's baltimore's turn to mage some magic - and go down n the right side of from camden yards - melinda roeder - fox 45 news att5:30. a mannfrom elltonn dies innconnecticut when he highway while trying to help a - stranded motorist.police saa 83- year- old richard herron was trying to help a woman whose s-u-v had rolled over. herron jumped over the center median of intersttte 84 to avoid a tractor trailer. auuhorities say herron probably did not realize there was a large drop. a terrifying scene on i-95. a b-m-w was found dangling off the interstate near washinggon boulevard. the car was on a roll baak truck
Oct 11, 2012 5:30pm EDT
...m yankee stadium....- 3 roll cue: "win or go home tonight" p3 morgan wwll live be toniggt after tte we announce our high school gamm after theedebate... --toss tt vvtass- vytaa-- 3 3 3 a high school cheerleader in arizona .... gets aahuue suupriseeat the last game of the seaaon.. season.. 3&as 15-year-old savannah has idea her father is homeefrom aa pour of duty in fghanistan. p3 under the leadershippof chief warrant officer charles haas haas the announcer says his name... as he walks in bbhind the cheers as savannah realizes mmet hii. 3 that's all for fox45 ews at 5::0."fammiyyfeud" s next. next.aad we'll be back tonight for fox45 newssat en -- and the late edition at 11....-&11.. laterr
Oct 12, 2012 5:30pm EDT
of the in sports unlimited... the ooioles and yankees have this season...each team has &pwon 11 of them, and right now and final timeethis season...t - stakk: a spot in the american doeen'ttgee much bbigger than t. thiss.. &pright now it's aascoreless ti in the 4th sabathia has been domiiant...4 strikeouts in 3 inniigs... last night was a preety fans...not only did the orioles beat the yynkees to football side of things... - things...tte arch rrval pittsburgh steelers llst...too came in onlyy1-4 on the season...thhy t a touchdown &ppasssfrom ben roethlisberger ii tte defeat....ig ben issof course all too familiar to ravens fans, who will see a pretty close approximationthis sunday in tony romo.. game reaction from game 5... - plus our high school game of the week ccming up on foo 45 pews at ten and the late edition.... residents are still residents are still llughing about aabizarre ressue in ichi. michigan.... 3 &p3&pa... curr racccon... had a stickyytime... when it balancedd.. oo... a... utilityy pole... with... a... jar jammed ...on pts head...
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5